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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Demo Review

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At first sight, this game looked very promising. With all the concepts of a good game, it could be a hit with a few tweaks...

My PC Specifications:
Pentium 4 2.66Ghz @ 2.90Ghz (533Mhz FSB)
512MB RAM (Dual-Channel DDR266)
160GB S-ATA RAID-0 Striping Set.
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro Graphics (128MB, AGP 8x)

I am going to start this review on a slightly bad note. The graphics in this game are very 2003. Only DirectX 8.0 seems to be in use throughout the game. Perhaps in the next MOH game they can implement this. We are creeping up to 2005, and not even the latest technologies are being used here.
However, saying that, the DirectX 8 graphics are exceptional. The MOH team have done a good job with the textures and making the game so that it runs smoothly on lower-end systems well. One niggle that I did have, was when you entered the airfield, the jungle to the immediate left was like a solid wall. Perhaps a little more realism here guys?
Despite the minor niggles and the lack of DirectX 9.0, the graphics are quite detailed - even on my Radeon 9500 Pro :)

Graphics Rating: **** (4/5 Stars)

Some of the best game storylines are taken from real-life events. This one is no exception. You are Marine Private Tommy Conlin, and are battling it out in the pacific during WWII in the 1940's. Many different locations are chosen, like Pearl Harbour, the jungle, airfields etc. You are battling it out against the Japanese in a very well-fought war. The only problem is, has the theme of war been exploited enough to warrant another game title? To some people, it can get boring.

Storyline Rating: **** (4/5 Stars)

Sound is excellent in this game. It gives you the real feeling of war, with people shouting different things and bombs exploding right beside you. I use and old Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 for my sound through my old 2.1 speakers. The game still sounded great! However, there was not much in the way of sound options (just the usual volume controls). This may be the case for the demo only and is not really an issue to me, but it might be a problem to someone who want to tweak their sound due to a driver problem.

Sound Rating: **** (4/5 Stars)

The gameplay is great! It makes you beg for more action!
This particular demo is rather short. You begin at basecamp, which is immediately invaded. You run out the back of the camp, and onto an airfield. Thats all there is in terms of maps. There are plenty of enemies to keep you occupied, which sometimes ends up in total carnage. There is a really nice solid 'feel' to some of the weapons, which makes them feel powerful. Sometimes the enemies are crawling on the ground for help, which adds to the addictive gameplay.
Combining graphics with gameplay, the physics needs to be tweaked a little - bodies end up being literally kicked around like a football, which is a tad unrealistic.

Gameplay Rating: **** (4/5 Stars)

- Good implementation of a real life story.
- Good performance on low-end computers.
- Nice graphics options, simlified.
- Good sound quality.
- Addictive gameplay.

- Horrible menu system (for the demo only?)
- Directx 8.1.
- People waving flags seem to be invincible for a short period.
- Jungle textures need some sorting out.
- No ingame antialiasing to tweak.
- Running in-game could be a little faster.

Another title to add to the Medal of Honor series.
The first Medal of Honor was quite a big release, the extra episodes are pusing it, and the game theme is wearing a little thin. Download it, and see what you think. I like it :)

Overall Rating:

Overall: 80%
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